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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I get your meat?

Our meat is featured at Skips Farm to Market Store in Fruita, Colorado 

We also sell at the Fruita Farmers Market at Reed Park in Fruita, Colorado, every Saturday Morning June through October.  We sell from our ranch in Loma, Colorado by appointment that can be made though the web site order and message function, by email to or calling 970-753-9597.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we make weekly local deliveries in the Grand Valley on the weekends and monthly deliveries to the Front Range, usually on the second Tuesday of each month.  Please contact us for order and delivery instructions.

How are your animals raised and fed?

Our meat comes from livestock raised on one of our ranches on the Western Slope of Colorado. Our cattle and sheep are naturally free range raised on local mountain and meadow grasses and hay.  We do not use growth hormones or antibiotics. Our feeder cattle, raised for butchering, are supplemented non-GMO pure dried crushed corn and rolled barley 60-days prior to processing.

Where and how is your meat processed?

All our meat, Highland Beef and Lamb, is processed at a local USDA inspected processing facility.  Each package is vacuum packed and flash frozen to our and customers' specifications.

What is the difference between Highland Beef and commercial beef

Highland cattle are slower growing and naturally tender.  The meat is more flavorful, leaner and has lower cholesterol.  These claims have been verified by University studies.

Can I place a special order?

Yes, we aim to fulfill all requests. Please let us know what you what either through the message function, email or old fashion phone call.  Special order may take up to two months to fill.

What is the difference between your ground meat products

We have five ground meat products: Ground Lamb, Standard Ground Beef, Premium Ground Beef, Gourmet Beef Blend and Premium Beef Patties. The Ground Lamb comes from lamb that is less than one year old. The Standard Ground Beef, approximately 15% fat, is from our old breeding cows and bulls that are no longer producing calves.  The Premium Ground Beef, approximately 10% fat , comes from our finished feeder cattle between 24 and 30 months old.  The Gourmet Beef Blend is a mixture of 80% Premium Ground Beef and 20% organ meat (beef heart and liver). The Premium Beef Patties are 1/3 pound pre-made patties of our Premium Ground Beef. All of our ground products are packaged in one pound packages.

Do have other products?

Yes, we have Highland Cattle hides, horns and lamb pelts.  The Highland hides and Lamp pelts are various colors and sizes and are tanned by a tannery in the Western United States.  We mount the horns in a unique way using felted Highland hair for the covering.  We also make drinking horns, powder horns and blowing horns.  These products are on display at Tattered Tartan on Main Street in Grand Junction, or can be seen at our Ranch in Loma, Colorado.

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